Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the process for tuning my engine for better performance?
    • Modifying the data on engine computer chips can result in better performance by optimizing the fuel/oxygen ratio and overriding some error codes. This is done by putting your chip in a special adapter that allows us to write new data to it. Then datalogging is done to see how the settings work in realtime and modifications are made to fine-tune the settings.
    • Tuned Performance has the detailed knowledge, experience and tools to guide you through the entire process and achieve optimal engine performance.
  2. What is TPI tuning?
    • TPI stands for Tuned Port Injection which is Chevrolet’s multi-port injection system. TPI tuning is accomplished by modifying the computer chip that controls the Tuned Port Injection system. This article provides a good overview of the TPI system.
  3. What years and makes of cars do you program chips for?
    • Tuned Performance provides these tuning services for Chevrolet and other General Motors engines:
      • TPI Tuning for the years 1985 – 1992. Tuning for years 1986 – 1988 TPI will automatically be upgraded to 1989 programming. This will eliminate the need of the ninth cold start injector.
    • Some memcals cannot be reprogrammed. If you contact us and provide photos of your memcal, we can tell you whether they can be reprogrammed.
  4. What parameters can be changed in chip burn?
    • VATS Disable
    • EGR and EGR Error 32
    • MAF High Error 33
    • MAF Burn-Off Error 36
  5. Air Diverter (smog pump) disable (See disclaimer notice).
    • Performance Tuning – custom timing and fueling tables
    • Torque converter lockup raised
    • Speed Limiter
    • RPM Limiter
    • Fan on and offs temperatures lowered
    • Idle speed
  6. Can I have multiple chips, such as one for everyday use and another for high-performance?
    • Yes, it is possible to have multiple chips. If you do not have a chip or want an additional ones, we can provide them at market price. We can also exchange one of our chips for yours to reduce shipping times.
  7. Does it usually take multiple tries to optimize the settings on the chip? If so, how is the pricing handled for this situation?
    • Yes, there are many variables to consider so it can take a few tries to achieve the best results. As indicated above, we start with datalogging, make some changes, and then do more datalogging to see how the engine performs. Based on this new data, it may be necessary to make a few more adjustments and then recheck performance. If you have the equipment (either owned or borrowed) to transfer the new settings to your chip, you would simply email the datalog and bin file and I would analyze the data and create a new bin file for you. The initial programming and subsequent revisions (within reason) are included in the quoted price.