Tuned performance

Specializing in tpi tuning 85-92

Tbi vats and performance tunes 89-92

3.1L vats and performance tunes 90-92

pricing $95 to reprogram your memcal  or tbi prom

(we have memcals available as well for exchange and purchase)

This includes choices below, performance or stock based tunes or custom stroker builds. For aftermarket camshafts custom tuning it is recommended.

This will require datalogging with tunerpro rt.

 We offer the rental of a burner so you can email us a copy of your datalog and we will send you a new binary program to burn.

 You will need to purchase a aldl to usb cable. Its recommended to get  xtreme aldl. 

305 to 350 or custom engine builds

Some aftermarket hypertech memcals cannot be reprogramed (contact us with pictures of your memcal).

86-88 tpi will automatically be upgraded to 89 programing.

This will eliminate the need of the ninth cold start injector.

Cold start cranking times may increase slightly.

Tuning options

Vats disable

Egr and egr error 32

Maf high error 33

Maf burn off error 36

Air diverter (smog pump) disable

Performance tuning custom timing and fueling tables

Torque converter lockup raised

Speed limiter

Rpm limiter

Fan on and offs  temperatures lowered

Idle speed


Depending on the regulations in your state, it may be illegal to disable emissions. We assume that any request to disable emissions means that the vehicle will be for off-road use only. We are responsible only for providing a prom that is correct with regards to the requirements given. Tuned Performance shall in no event be liable in contract or tort (including negligence) for special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages including, but not limited to, loss of property, property damage, or any other damages, costs or expenses which might be claimed as the result of the use of our products and services.