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Welcome to Tuned Performance! Need to get the most out of your 80s love affair? Tuned Performance specializes in TPI tuning and VATs disabling. Whether you’ve got a 305, 350, or an all out build Tuned Performance has the knowledge to get you on the road!


Custom Tune

Building a high performance TBI, TPI, or 3.1? Tuned Performance works with every customer’s unique needs.

Disable VATS

VATS left you stranded? Disable VATS as well as Error Codes: 32 (EGR), 33 (MAF High), and 36 (MAF Burn-Off)

Off-Road Tune

Taking your build to the max? Disabling emissions systems for EGR and Smog for off-road use is a chip away.

Services We Offer

  • Rental Burner for Custom Builds
  • VATS Bypass/Delete
  • 86-88 TPI Programming Swapped with 89 for 9th Injector Delete
  • Custom Timing and Fuel Tables
  • Torque Converter Lock-Up
  • Speed/RPM Limited
  • Radiator Fan On/Off Temperatures lowered
  • Idle Speed

Custom tunes may require rental of a PROM burner along with the purchase of a USB-to-ALDL cable and converter from Moates.net. Some HyperTech memcals cannot be reprogrammed, please email us photos. We have memcals available for exchange and purchase.


Tunes start at $95 for a basic memcal or TBI PROM reprogram. Custom tunes on built engines may require datalogging and multiple tunes.

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