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Welcome to Tuned Performance! Need to get the most out of your 80s love affair? Tuned Performance specializes in TPI tuning and VATs disabling. Whether you’ve got a 305, 350, or an all out build Tuned Performance has the knowledge to get you on the road!


December 1st – My dog and I were viciously attacked by a pitbull yesterday. I have several memcals coming in and please be patient with this delay for me and my family to recover. Currently not at home but will be traversing home every week.


Custom Tune

Building a high performance TPI? Tuned Performance works with every customer’s unique needs.

Disable VATS

VATS left you stranded? Disable VATS as well as Error Codes: 32 (EGR), 33 (MAF High), and 36 (MAF Burn-Off)

Off-Road Tune

Taking your build to the max? Disabling emissions systems for EGR and Smog for off-road use is a chip away.

Services We Offer

  • VATS Bypass/Delete
  • 86-88 TPI Programming Swapped with 89 for 9th Injector Delete
  • Custom Timing and Fuel Tables
  • Torque Converter Lock-Up
  • Speed/RPM Limited
  • Radiator Fan On/Off Temperatures lowered
  • Idle Speed

Some custom tunes may require purchase of a PROM burner and USB-to-ALDL cable online. Some HyperTech memcals cannot be reprogrammed, please email us photos. We may have memcals available for exchange and purchase.


Tunes start at $245 + shipping for a memcal sent in for tuning. A replacement memcal tuned $310 + shipping. Custom tunes on built engines may require datalogging and multiple tunes.

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*Please contact us prior to sending in a memcal; ensure to include a printed copy of the completed order form.

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